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How to make real money on bets?


Event Description

The concept of earnings on bets is more applicable to bookmakers than to the player. Bettor's profit always depends not only on his knowledge and skills, but also on luck. Even professional players with extensive experience can "burn out" on the stakes. Based on this, it is impossible to talk about a stable income, betting in a bookmaker is more like financial trading than a reliable source of income. Let's try to find a more specific answer to the question "is it possible to get rich by betting?".

The beginning of a player's career is not the first bet, but the study of information related to this area - rules, features, terms. And it is very important to determine "your" sport, for which you will make the bulk of the stakes. The most popular sport is football. But bookmakers are interested in it and often offer understated odds on football matches. Basketball, hockey and tennis are a little less popular. No matter what kind of sport you choose, the main thing is to know at least a little about the rules of the game, to study the standings, to determine the real favorites.


There are three rules by which a player can increase his chances of winning:

• Do not marry a high odds - when choosing a sports match, give preference to the opponent who has a lower odds. This will greatly increase the chances of winning.

• The odds of the opponent of your chosen team must be at least twice as high.

• If the bet does not fit these rules, abandon it and wait for a more suitable sporting event.


As you can see, the rules are very simple and clear. But not making big money this way is a proven strategy designed just for fun, not for a substantial income. You can really make money on the express - usually there are obvious favorites and outsiders, correctly calculating everything, you can multiply the amount of the bet by a pretty decent odds.

We will offer you several strategies developed by true bookmaking professionals. But remember that blindly following a time-tested scheme can lead to account blocking - many bookmakers in this way fight with those who want to get rich quickly and without risk.