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How to increase personal efficiency?


Event Description

"A person gets tired mainly not of what he has done, but of what he has not done."

Improving personal efficiency is an important point on the path of personal development. To learn to achieve results faster and spend a minimum of time and effort, we need to understand this issue in more detail. Understand what personal effectiveness is, what methods of improving it exist and how to correctly determine the goal.

Performing tasks set by someone, you will become more useful to someone, but the process of your self-development does not move forward. By working faster and more productively in performing the tasks set by management, it is possible to increase business efficiency, but it is not about personal growth.

At the webinar, we will consider various techniques and tools to increase personal efficiency, using which, perhaps in a short time to solve the accumulated issues and significantly increase your productivity.


Work program:


- How to rake their "blockages";

- Effective method of immersion in work;

- Useful tips and tools.

- Methods of increasing personal efficiency

- Planning

- Prioritization

- Concentration

- Gradual abandonment of gadgets at work

- Limiting the time spent on social networks

- Control over health

- Enter the flow state

- Learn to relax

- Refuse alterations

- Learn to delegate authority


See you at the webinar!