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Everything you wanted to know about the profession of a programmer


Event Description

Today, programmers are needed everywhere and we believe that this trend will not change in the next 10-15 years. Programmers are needed in industry, science, space, business, medicine, transportation, and not just in IT companies. The term "programmer" can hide narrow-profile programmers, software developers, engineers, systems analysts, etc. However, all programmers have one thing in common - the ability to embody human requirements in machine code to make work or entertainment automated, convenient and simple. The programmer creates instructions for the computer, as a result of execution of these instructions any target result turns out.

We will expose common mistakes and illusions about what a cool programmer should be, what he should be able to do and what qualities he should have. Let's talk about different topics:

• What is the "profession of programmer"?

• Is it difficult to get a job and how to get it?

• What skills and qualities should a good programmer have?

• How to understand: is it mine?

• What is the right direction and language to choose?

• How long does it take to go from the beginning to the victorious end?

• Which is cooler: PHP, Ruby, Python, C #, C ++ or Java?

• What do typesetters, web designers and seo-shniki do?

• What are CMS and in which cases should they be studied and applied?

The webinar is designed for beginners, those who have not yet decided whether they want to be a programmer. Or decided, but does not know how to choose the right direction.