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Webinar "Brazil - a country for life and business"


Event Description

We will tell you how you can move to this beautiful warm country. You will learn not only about life in Brazil, but also about employment opportunities and profitable options for doing business in this country. You will learn why Brazilian citizenship is so valued. What could potentially dislike immigrants from CIS countries in Brazil? Is there a Ukrainian-speaking or Russian-speaking community in Brazil? Is it possible to live in Brazil without knowledge of Portuguese? Is it possible to run an online business from Brazil? Which people and for what reasons should think especially carefully about moving to Brazil?


Webinar plan:

1. All about Brazilian citizenship

You will learn about all the ways to obtain Brazilian citizenship for yourself and your family members. We will also talk about the benefits of Brazilian citizenship. You will get acquainted in detail with the peculiarities of obtaining Brazilian citizenship and will know the process of obtaining Brazilian citizenship as it is at the moment with all the current changes.

2. All about obtaining permanent residence in Brazil

Brazil does not have economic citizenship, so before obtaining citizenship and a Brazilian passport in most cases there is a permanent residence. We will tell you about all the ways to get permanent residence in Brazil.

3. Work visas to Brazil

Are you a young and promising professional? Do you want to move with your family to a warmer place? If you are a unique professional and have stopped your choice in Brazil, then here you will find information on how to get a work visa to Brazil.

4. Real estate in Brazil

Real estate investment in Brazil and innovations related to the development of the real estate market in Brazil.

5. Brazil News

We will tell you about all the Brazilian news that may be of interest to migrants, migrant workers or those wishing to register a business in Brazil.