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Contemporary art: from Dali to Banksy


Event Description

It is said that Kazimir Malevich could make every person a connoisseur of modern art in an hour of conversation. We will have two hours for this. In the lecture we will talk about the main directions of contemporary art, learn to enjoy interacting with works and make sure that it can be deep, exciting, and most importantly - understandable.


Faced with contemporary art, many are embarrassed by the large number of techniques, trends and styles. A reasonable question arises, is it possible to trace in contemporary art any consistent continuation of the history of art, or once a powerful stream has now been exhausted, disintegrating into many streams? - Of course you can! You just need to be taken and led through this stream, showing where its origins were and how it has changed over the 20th and 21st centuries.


Let's start with Jackson Pollock and his abstract paintings. Let's get acquainted with the creative techniques of surrealist artists led by Salvador Dali. Let's take a look at the stunning techniques of hyperrealists and understand why they are needed when there is photography. Let's break our heads over the fat installations of the conceptualist Boyce, let's look at the work of Ilya Kabakov inspired by the Soviet reality. Let's understand how actionism differs from performance and happening and finish with the works of a street art superstar - the scandalous Banksy.


After attending the lecture you will learn:


• The main stages and directions of development of contemporary art;

• The brightest artists of the 20th and 21st centuries;

• Ideas behind the iconic works of art of the 20th and 21st centuries and their connection with the historical context of the era.