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Shame and guilt as levers of social pressure


Event Description

Shame and guilt are some of the main feelings that distinguish humans from animals. But what is their difference? When and how are these feelings formed? What do they give us and how do they affect our self-esteem, identity and relationships with others? Why, formed in childhood, haunt us all our lives? And is it possible to somehow learn not to succumb to the pressure of guilt and shame and manage them?

Have you ever felt ashamed? When you are literally paralyzed by this feeling, imprisoned, and you feel like a bad and completely useless person? Or when you make a small mistake and feel such a huge guilt that it covers you like a tsunami? Why do we need these emotions? Where do they come from and how to deal with them?

Guilt can rarely cause reactions of the whole body, guilt is often a mixture of emotions and thoughts, these thoughts can be painful, but it is not physical pain.

At the webinar we will talk:

- about the structure and origin of guilt and shame in terms of psychotherapy;

- how to work with these experiences;

- how to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy experiences of this kind on their own;

- how not to poison yourself with these feelings and get rid of them.