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Congratulations to Brazil on the occasion of Independence Day and we invite you to the webinar


Event Description

Brazil is a country of vivid emotions. The glass skyscrapers of megacities and the authenticity of the colonial architecture of old Portugal are located next door. In one country there are tropical forests of the Amazon, rich in amazing flora and fauna, and the desert of the national park Lensois-Maranhiensis, where in the rainy season the dunes are interspersed with blue lakes. Tourists from all over the world rush here to the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, experience the clockwork rhythms of samba, celebrate the New Year on the Atlantic coast, cheer for the football team at the Maracana Stadium, ride a motor boat under the Iguazu Falls or go down on the beach.

Brazil is called the "land of contrasts": in one part it rains, and in the other - the sun shines, tropical forests are adjacent to the mountains, wild jungles - with the best beaches, waterfalls - with quiet bays.


General plan of the webinar:

- Geography and climate of Brazil

- Population, religion and language in Brazil

- Holidays, events, festivals in Brazil

- Customs regulations, transport, communications and communications of Brazil

- Attractions, shopping and security in Brazil

- Food, Medicine and Entertainment in Brazil