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Increase conversion with usability


Event Description

According to research by Stanford scientists, 46% of potential customers form an opinion about the site based on its appearance and interface. If the user does not like the design, the content is not trusted and the user leaves the site.

Designers love to create beautiful websites. And this is important because it is the design that is the face of your brand. But the main task of design is to evoke the necessary emotions and associations with the brand, to attract the user to read the text, to push to action. Good design is not a beautiful picture in itself, it is a solution to the request for a specific audience, a convenient and clear interface.

In the pursuit of aesthetics and uniqueness, designers often create unusual solutions that confuse the user. But the site is NOT a fashion show. Functionality is important here. Recall that the conversion is the ratio of the number of buyers, customers to the number of visitors, and you have 3 seconds to convey your offer to a potential consumer.

We have prepared a case of useful recommendations and will tell you how usability methods are applied in practice.


Webinar Program:


- Good design does not mean effective

- Use negative space

- Build trust: live photos and people

- Focus on a specific audience

- Techniques that increase site conversion

- Carry out tests, but correctly