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Poster sites, city guides, catalogs, content projects - remote checkout for your site.

Integration and customization of the widget within 30 minutes.

The widget can be installed inside the page or as a pop-up block displayed on top of your page. Using the widget, instead of the traditional link to the organizer’s website, will allow you to process the order on your website without losing the visitor after he goes to the organizer's website.

You can also give a link to our website, and the visitor will select and purchase tickets on it. In case of a successful sale, we take into account that the visitor came thanks to you, which means that you receive a part of the amount from the sale of the ticket.

For hotels, restaurants, cafes, clubs - a remote cash desk in the form of an Internet site.

Your visitors receive an additional service - the opportunity to purchase tickets to events.
Satisfied with a successful purchase, visitors will definitely come back again. To organize sales, you will need a computer or device with an Internet browser (pc, mac, ipad, netbook) and access to the Internet. All sales are carried out through the website of our service without installing and configuring additional programs. It is desirable, but not necessary, that you have a printer to print order information. In any case, the buyer will be given an electronic ticket in the form of an email message with a unique code and description of the order.

Connect the remote checkout.

A website that allows the cashier or administrator, together with the visitor, to select locations, make reservations and pay for them, if necessary, print the order. Remote cash desk can work on any computer or mobile device that has an Internet browser and access to the Internet. Examples of such devices are tablet computers, netbooks, laptops, desktop computers. A ticket purchased through a remote ticket office is sent to the visitor’s personal account, and the visitor receives an email with a ticket, code and order information. The owner of the remote cash desk receives a reward for each paid order.