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Combined manicure in 1 hour


Event Description

REMOVAL + MANICURE + COVERAGE = 60 MINUTES! It's real! Unique technique!

You will learn: how to remove gel polish in 5 minutes; how to make a quality manicure in 25 minutes; how to make leveling and gel varnish coating in 20 minutes to have 5 minutes left to talk;)


Webinar program:

- How to remove QUICK gel polish to the base in 5 minutes!

Lifehack: how to remove gel polish under the cuticle?


- Technique of SPEED form sawing

Lifehack: how to cut almonds, not shark teeth =)


- Technique of QUICK combined manicure

The right choice of tools and care for them! Work at the maximum speed of the device (30-35000 thousand). Work without reverse switching (do not switch the direction of the cutter)

Lifehack: what not to cut the nail plate


- PERFECT cuticle cut: how to do it perfectly!

Proper grinding of the cuticle without changing the cutter

Lifehack: secrets of working with a wet cuticle


- How to make the PERFECT glare?

Perfect alignment of the nail plate with the base: the author's technique of applying 4+

Technique of fast covering by any gel varnish

Lifehack: covering of difficult shades of gel varnish: pastel, nudovye, white

Leading teacher - practicing master of manicure, nail stylist with more than 6 years of experience Olga Abrikosova (Abrikosova nails studio)


Bonus: perfect coverage with camouflage gel varnish without bald spots (it's no secret that it is the most difficult for masters)