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Event Description

Small investments create the largest fortunes. This can be seen by anyone who begins to invest part of their salary in what is profitable.

Forbes magazine once calculated that it is enough to give up daily coffee at Sturbucks for $ 4 and invest the money saved each month in reliable financial instruments with a fixed income to accumulate $ 120,000 in 30 years.

Today we will talk about where to invest money in Ukraine to financially secure your future.

Here are 7 simple and promising ideas, which will tell Vitaly Romanov:

·         General Director in Ukraine at UDS United Digital Solutions

·         Director (manager) in Vibo

·         Director (Head) of the Emperor of Tibet

·         CEO in Cryptocurrency

·         CFO organizer Cryptomarathon, co-founder. Private crypto investor. in the Cryptomarathon


The Soviet past has left its mark on Ukrainians.

They do not trust banks, because with the collapse of the Soviet Union they lost all their savings that they had in the book, but also do not try to invest their cash deposits in something promising, because they simply lack education.

That is why so many of our compatriots keep their money, roughly speaking, under the mattress. "I was shocked to learn that the amount of money that Ukrainians keep at home is estimated at tens of billions of dollars, which is twice as much as the foreign exchange reserves of the country's main bank," says Vitaliy Romanov.

There are more than enough options for investing money in Ukraine, just not everyone knows about them, so they act in the old way, collecting coins and burying this treasure in the garden.