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Event Description

The rhythm in which most of us live can hardly be called calm and measured. Lack of time, rush and hard time are trials that not everyone can cope with.

Constantly in a state of "I do not know what to grab" can hardly be called a worthy candidate when it comes to personal effectiveness.

Emotional stress blocks productivity, leads to rapid fatigue and apathy. Therefore, in order not to fall victim to stress or, worse, chronic fatigue syndrome, let's do time management or time management.


Webinar program:

- Planning frees up time.

- Rule 6 "P".

- set deadlines for everything.

- No two tasks are equally important - a conscious choice of priority.

- Why is it better to make important appointments in the morning?

- How does 1 word "no" save an unexpected amount of time?

- The law of coercive efficiency

- delegating and learning to use the help of other people.


The webinar will be conducted by Vitaly Romanov:

"In my twenties, I was young, full of energy and enthusiasm. There seemed to be enough time for everyone and everything,

in any case, there was enough for what I liked to do. If then there were webinars or at least I came across an electric book, which would be

told about simple methods of self-organization and time management, maybe a lot would have gone differently, well, or some goals I would have achieved a little faster "


• General Director in Ukraine at UDS United Digital Solutions

• Director (manager) in Vibo

• Director (Head) of the Emperor of Tibet

• CEO of Cryptocurrency

• CFO organizer Cryptomarathon, co-founder.

• Private crypto investor in Cryptomarathon.


If you intend to increase your productivity, you are determined to do so.